Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Gordon Rayner

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon served as a pilot in both the US Air Force and for a commercial airline before becoming involved with pavement maintenance in 1974. Gordon founded CPM in 1979 and has spent his career developing and applying preservation systems for every type of asphalt from driveways to highways.

Joined by Rich Rayner, the brothers established Rayner Equipment Systems in 1982 and have designed and built industry-leading machines to mix and apply a variety of preservation surface treatments.

The brothers opened RaynGuard Protective Materials in 1998 to promote a new, higher-quality line of pavement sealcoat systems.

CPM has performed pavement maintenance throughout the western US as well as in New York, Florida, Alaska, and several overseas locations. In assisting customers, CPM and Rayner Equipment have engineered and overseen projects in Argentina, Chile, Russia, Thailand, China, Australia, and a variety of other locations.


Rich Rayner


Richard grew up along the seacoast in Massachusetts and took his first job at the age of nine operating a boat shuttle for a marina. His interest in mechanical equipment began at this early age and upon graduating from High School in 1973, Richard began work for General Motors where he was trained in equipment design, maintenance and repair. GM’s training prepared him with a background for his position of problem investigator where responsibilities included troubleshooting warrantee problems, failure trends and design issues.

In 1979 Richard moved to California to begin work with California Pavement Maintenance Company as Equipment Division Manager. During the next several years Richard studied mechanical and hydraulic systems and design.  In 1982 Richard, with his brother Gordon, formed Rayner Equipment Systems and built the first RoadSaver Slurry & MicroSurfacing Machine.

Rayner Equipment Systems, Inc. is now a recognized and highly respected manufacturer in the industry with customers throughout the US and in countries around the world.


Bruce Taylor

Vice President

Headshot of Bruce Taylor, Vice President of CPM in Sacramento

Bruce has been working as an Estimator and Project Manager with CPM since 2003. Prior to working in the construction field, he was a Computer Programmer and IT Manager. Bruce is licensed by the State Architect as a Certified Access Specialist and is involved in both agency work and serving commercial and private customers.


Corey Kilroy

Operations Manager


Corey has been working as an Estimator and Project Manager with CPM since 2005. He has been established in the asphalt industry for the last 17 years. He started as a Striping Foreman and expanded responsibilities into a Paving and Concrete Foreman. Corey has an extensive background as an ADA Specialist and is responsible for scheduling and project management for all construction operations.


Matthew R. Swift

ADA Consultant & Safety Manager

Headshot of Matthew R. Swift, ADA Consultant & Safety Manager at CPM in Sacramento

Matthew joined CPM in May of 2008. He is a Safety Officer with OSHA 30 hour certification. Prior to CPM, Matthew spent 11 years as General Manager of a local pavement maintenance business.


Nick Buzzetta

Estimator/Project Manager

Headshot of Nick Buzzetta, Estimator/Project Manager at CPM in Sacramento

Nick is heavily involved with the public works side of the business, working in slurry seal, micro surfacing, and chip seal. In his spare time he also works with asphalt and sealcoating projects.


Rob Gebhard

Project Manager

Rob Gebhard recently joined CPM’s Estimator Division. Prior to his work as a Project Manager with CPM, Rob was involved in the modular business for over 28 years. Starting as a sales person, then quickly promoted to management; both regionally and multi-state. He brings with him a great deal of experience in facilities management and handicap access requirements.


Mike Godwin


Headshot of Mike Godwin, Estimator at CPM in Sacramento

Mike has done work as an Estimator, Project Manager, and Pavement Marking Specialist since 1999. He also has 3 years of experience as a Project Manager with a Prime Contractor building civil projects.


Rich Shrout

Estimator/Project Manager

Headshot of Rich Shrout, Estimator/Project Manager at CPM in Sacramento

Rich has been working as an Estimator/Project Manager for 29 years, providing plan take-offs and estimating for private and public agencies. Previously, Rich worked as a licensed Property Manager for a management firm.

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