Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money

Pavement preservation processes save money in the long-term by extending pavement life while also enhancing safety, appearance, and maintaining pavement quality.

Proper Timing Reduces Costs


Three preservation treatments over 25 years costs $2/yd^2 per treatment for a total cost of $6/yd^2 over the life of the road.


Using pavement preservation after not treating for 11 years costs $4/yd^2 and only lasts about four years between treatments due to a deteriorated road base structure.


Not treating for 12 or more years will result in a required mill and fill or full rehabilitation with a cost upwards of $12 to $16/yd^2.

Pavement Condition Index

An Effective Preventive Maintenance Program

1. Right Treatment  Apply treatments that stop deterioration and restore the necessary pavement surface qualities.

2. Right Road – Provide adequate and consistent funding to treat roads before the investment is lost.

3. Right Time – Establish pavement management systems to evaluate pavement condition and provide for the application of preventive maintenance at the proper times.

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Studies on Preventive Maintenance

Many studies support the effectiveness of preventive maintenance. The “Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Project H-101, Experiment SPS-3” and the “National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 223, Cost Effective Preventative Maintenance” both found slurry seal to be an effective treatment.

The NCHRP Synthesis, a survey of sixty state, province, and local transportation agencies, confirms that the most cost-effective pavement management strategy – which results in the highest pavement condition rating – is to perform preventive maintenance activities on the better-rated pavements first and then fund the rehabilitation of the poorer-rated pavements. The funding strategy that addresses the worst pavements first is the least cost effective.

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