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Certifications & Licenses

Capability Statement

  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Certification ID : 1758533
  • Small Business Public Works (SBPW) Certification ID : 1758533
  • Federal Small Business Certified State Contractor
  • CA Lic. 374514
  • OR Lic. 66045
  • NV Lic. 0067412


Company History

Gordon Rayner started in the pavement maintenance industry in 1974 and formed California Pavement Maintenance Company (CPM) in 1979 when his brother Rich joined him full time. Together they established CPM as a leader in the pavement maintenance industry – not just in California, but recognized around the world.

Current Projects

The growth and reputation of the company has largely been due to one overriding belief:

Nothing Beats Quality.

CPM specializes in the repair and maintenance of existing asphalt pavement systems. CPM is a full-service asphalt maintenance contractor with the staff, equipment, technical expertise, and determination to help clients find solutions that provide them with long-term value.

CPM, under the equipment design and manufacturing unit Rayner Equipment Systems (RES), started building and selling RoadSavers in 1984. These slurry and micro surfacing machines are used by CPM, its competitors in northern California, and contractors worldwide. RES has since expanded and builds the PavementSaverRaynMaker, and RaynPro lines of top-quality sealcoating equipment.

Our machines are built with a quality-first mentality. We never cut corners on engineering or materials. We take pride in building the most reliable pavement maintenance machines in the world. Their performance speaks for itself.

RaynGuard Protective Materials, Inc., an independent entity that is affiliated with CPM, produces sealcoat materials for sale to other contractors and sealcoat manufacturers. Steelguard 60, 65, and “Plus”, produced by RaynGuard, are no ordinary sealcoats. Using technology originally developed at Lockheed Missiles and Space, this space-age material is able to cure at night and at temperatures down to 50˚F. Try doing that with any other sealcoat!

CPM, RES, and RaynGuard have achieved significant breakthroughs in the search for better pavement maintenance materials, techniques, and equipment.

Our teams can help you with any asphalt surfacing problem. Let our specialists help you develop a plan that will protect your pavement investment and save you money down the road. Contact us for a free estimate.

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