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Airports – Paving Maintenance

Airports – Paving Maintenance Solutions

Airport pavements endure unique conditions and require specialized knowledge and materials to preserve them. Care must also be taken to prevent damage to exposed aircraft engines while enhancing safety for pilots, passengers, and airport employees.

California Pavement Maintenance Company has successfully resurfaced and protected airport runways, taxiways, and parking areas throughout the western United States. We have also done extensive work on military bases.

We use premium materials and can create custom slurry seal, micro-surfacing, and sealcoats that will help shield your asphalt pavement from jet fuel and other chemical substances. Our processes also help seal and bind the asphalt pavement’s aggregate, helping to prevent loose rocks from being sucked into jet engines and damaging them. We can also enhance skid resistance on your runways, increasing traction for pilots. We are experts in Paving Maintenance Solutions.

CPM’s Services for Airports Include:

  •  Sealcoating – We offer industrial-grade sealcoats with special additives that are engineered to shield your asphalt from jet fuel and other chemical substances.
  • Micro Surfacing – A tough and versatile pavement surface treatment, micro surfacing can extend pavement life by 7 years or more.
  • Slurry Seal – Economical and durable, slurry seal is used throughout the world to protect asphalt pavement.
  • Asphalt – We offer new asphalt construction, overlays, repairs, removal, and speed bump installation.
  • Striping – Our crews can handle the unique needs for pavement marking, striping, and signage at airports.
  • Concrete – Construction or repair of ramps, curbs, driveways, and parking bumers.

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