Chip Seal Pavement Surface Treatment in Truckee

Chip Seal

Chip Seal Overview

Chip seal is a cost-effective pavement surface treatment that fills small cracks, provides good skid resistance, and extends the life of asphalt pavements by sealing and protecting them from water and sunlight. For chip seal, a thin layer of hot asphalt (bitumen) or other binder is applied to an existing pavement surface. Finely graded aggregate is evenly distributed over the seal, which is then embedded into the asphalt with a roller, creating a smooth surface. Chip seals are typically used on low-to-medium traffic routes.

Chip Seal Contractors – CPM

CPM has been doing chip seals since 1979. We can assist you in determining if a chip seal is the right solution for you and, if so, we can create a custom chip seal tailored to your needs, helping you reduce costs and extend the life of your pavement. Our experienced contractors and top-of-the-line equipment will ensure that your project is done right.

Chip Seal Advantage

– Low Cost

A chip seal is less costly than a conventional asphalt overlay and extends the time before an overlay is truly needed, reducing costs in the short and long term.

– Improve Skid Resistance

Chip seals enhance safety by providing good skid resistance.


Excess aggregate needs to be swept up to avoid damage to vehicles.

Designing Chip Seal

Designers make use of local aggregates and compatible binders while considering climate, traffic count, type, and cost. Once the binder and aggregate are selected, there are procedures to determine the rates of application for each.

Chip seal guidelines from ISSA

Applying Chip Seal

The binder is applied by an asphalt distributor which has the capability of applying the designed application rate at the desired width. The binder application is followed by a mechanical aggregate spreader that is also capable of applying a designed rate at the desired width. Then rolling is performed with pneumatic rollers to set the cover aggregate into the binder. Finally, if there is any loose aggregate, it is removed by sweeping.

Chip Seal Types:

There are a variety of chip seal combinations available depending on what type of binder and aggregates are available, what type of surface is to be covered, and what the traffic demands will be. Chip seal is normally applied in a single application, but can be applied in double or even triple applications. Multiple applications commonly use different sizes of aggregates to help “lock” the applications together.

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