Micro surfacing on public roadway in Lincoln

Pavement Rating System

Pavement Life Cycle Stages:

Rating Looks Like… Age*/Description Suggested Maintenance
1 New asphalt pavement with an orange cone in VacavilleRetail parking lot with new asphalt pavement and ADA striping in Elk Grove New. Excellent condition. No maintenance is needed.
2 Close Up of Asphalt Pavement with Light Wear in El Dorado HillsNew asphalt pavement in parking area with light wear in Rancho Cordova New with light wear. Some small cracks are visible and the surface shows minor traffic wear. A sealcoat is recommended to protect the pavement from weather and oil and extend its life.
3 Close Up of Asphalt Pavement in Good Condition in Citrus HeightsRetail Parking Lot Asphalt Pavement in Good Condition in Chico Good. Typical wear for 3-8 years in use. Some raveling (deterioration due to aggregate particles being dislodged from the pavement), minor block cracking (cracks linking together), and aging is more obvious. Crack treatment and a sealcoat are recommended to protect sub-grade layers, beautify and restore the surface, and extend the pavement’s life.
4 Close Up of Distressed Asphalt Pavement in San JoseDistressed Asphalt Pavement in a Parking Lot in Fresno Distressed. Moderate to severe surface raveling, cracking, and some alligator cracks. Minor base repairs may be needed along with a sealcoat or possibly a heavier-duty surface treatment like slurry seal is recommended.
5 Close Up of Asphalt Pavement in Poor Condition in LodiAsphalt Pavement in Poor Condition in a Retail Parking Lot in Woodland Poor. Significant failures. Severe cracking and some potholes. Asphalt and base repairs followed by a slurry seal, micro surfacing, cape seal or asphalt overlay are needed.
6 Failed Asphalt Pavement Close Up in VallejoFailed Asphalt Pavement in a Drive Thru in Modesto Failed. Severe deterioration of surface and structure. Complete removal and reconstruction of asphalt and base materials is required.
Root Damage to Asphalt Pavement in Parking Area in Stockton Root damage Dig out and repair.
Asphalt Damage from Over Irrigation in Parking Lot in Roseville Over irrigated Turn off water and identify possible breaks in piping. Dig out and repair as needed.
Oil Damage on Asphalt Pavement in Parking Lot in Sacramento Oil damage Dig out and repair.
Large Crack with old Fill in Asphalt Pavement in Placerville Large cracking (2”+ wide) Treatments vary.
Sink Hole in Asphalt Pavement (Pot Hole) in Turlock Sink holes Dig out and repair.