RoadSaver laying slurry seal on public road in South Lake Tahoe

Public Roadways & Highways

Public Roads & Highways: Pavement Maintenance Solutions

At a time when public funds are low and dollars need to be stretched, pavement preservation processes can be a huge help in reducing overall money spent on roadways and highways. Achieving a balance between cost-savings and protecting your pavement assets is crucial to reducing expenditures in the long term.

CPM will provide professional and timely work to keep your roadways moving.

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CPM’s Services for Public Roadways & Highways Include:

  • Asphalt – New asphalt pavement, overlays, repairs, removal & replacement
  • Custom surface treatments
  • Slurry Seal – Cal-trans Standard
  • Micro Surfacing – With advanced additives for toughness & versatility
  • Chip Seal – Pavement surface treatment
  • Cape Seal – A chip seal followed by a micro or slurry seal on top
  • Sealcoating – With advanced materials and mix designs
  • Concrete – Sidewalks, driveways, ramps, curbs, and more
  • Striping – Pavement marking, parking bumper & speed bump installation
  • Crack Treatment – Crack filling & sealing

Did You Know?

The Michigan DOT (as well as many others) reports that their preventive maintenance program is more than six times as cost-effective as rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Learn about Preventive Maintenance.