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CPM is a trusted asphalt maintenance contractor with the staff, equipment, and expertise to help you find solutions that provide long-term value. We can help you save money by extending the life of your pavement with proven maintenance treatments that also beautify the surface and improve safety for drivers, pilots, and pedestrians.

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The Michigan DOT reports that their preventive maintenance program is more than six times as cost-effective as rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Learn more about Preventive Maintenance.



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CPM has invested in the equipment and training to offer our customers virtually every asphalt maintenance service available. Whether you need new asphalt pavement, an overlay, removal & replacement, or a surface treatment like micro surfacing, slurry seal, sealcoating, chip seal, or cape seal – we do it all. We offer crack filling & sealing services, blacktop striping & marking, and have a Certified ADA Specialist and experienced concrete crews that can help you comply with Federal and State access laws.

Our customers aren’t limited to just one or two pavement maintenance options. CPM’s trained specialists will work with you to match the right service to the right job for the best results. For over 39 years, this philosophy has guided us and helped us grow into one of the West’s largest pavement maintenance contractors. Learn more About Us.


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CPM Company Does Work in the Following Areas

CPM has been involved in projects across the United States and in many locations worldwide when the project requires special knowledge, equipment, procedures, or experience. The bulk of our work remains in Northern California and the West Coast, although we continue to provide customers outside this area with various levels of support from advice to construction. You will commonly find our crews in the following areas: