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CPM is a full service pavement maintenance company. We can help you with any asphalt or concrete maintenance need. Our trained professionals work in Sacramento, the bay area, and all over the Western United States. Let our asphalt contractors evaluate the condition of your pavement, explain your options, and provide you with an estimate – for free!

Your Asphalt Pavement will fail because of AIR & WATER, unless you are proactive to maintain the surface and extend the life of the asphalt. Air and water are unavoidable to your asphalt pavement. Whatever the condition of your asphalt pavement, if you want to keep your overall costs down, you will need to implement a plan to maintain your asphalt pavement before it needs to be replaced.

The primary cause of pavement failure is usually water intrusion into the asphalt base and it is oxidation from the sun that often creates the pathways for water intrusion. Oxidation leads to the erosion of the top layer of fine particles which in turn causes the appearance of larger stones and small cracks on the surface.

If left untreated, these cracks grow over time and eventually allow water to penetrate to the sub-grade of your asphalt surface. When water enters the sub-grade of your asphalt surface, the base material moves and settles leading to further cracking and an “alligator appearance.” When the pavement reaches this stage the only option is removal and replacement of the old asphalt, which will be the most costly.

The Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans and all Cities and Counties agree: Preventative Maintenance is the #1 Choice to extend the life of your pavement.

Preventative maintenance will cost pennies per square foot, replacing failed asphalt costs many dollars per square foot.

Our Services Include:

Asphalt Paving & Repairs

  • Asphalt Paving & Patching
  • Asphalt Removal & Replacement
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Asphalt Milling & Grinding
  • Petromat & Bonifiber Treatments
  • Pot Hole Repairs
  • Tree Root Damage
  • Trip Hazard Correction
  • Full Depth Repairs
  • Parking Lot Overlays
  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Roadway Overlays

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Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money. Learn about Preventive Maintenance.

Use our Pavement Rating System to determine the condition of your pavement and see suggested maintenance and repair options.

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