Cape Seal Pavement Surface Treatment in Fremont

Cape Seal

Cape Seal Overview

A cape seal is the combination of two pavement surface treatments, resulting when you lay a chip seal followed by micro surfacing or a slurry seal on top. Cape seals are used when the pavement deterioration is greater than what micro surfacing or slurry seal can correct alone, but the pavement does not yet require a more-expensive asphalt overlay. Cape seals are used on streets and highways. When modified, they can extend pavement life upwards of 10 years, depending on conditions.

Cape Seal Contractors – CPM

CPM can create a custom cape seal tailored to the wear of your road, traffic load and type, and the weather conditions it endures.

Cape Seal Advantage

Cape seals provide the crack treatment and durability of a chip seal combined with the smoother texture and appearance of a micro or slurry. They last as long as a hot mix overlay at a lower price.


Cape seals require a longer construction time and are more costly than a chip seal or slurry seal alone.

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