Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money

Pavement preservation processes save money in the long-term by extending pavement life while also enhancing safety, appearance, and maintaining pavement quality.

Proper Timing Reduces Costs


Three preservation treatments over 25 years costs $2/yd2 per treatment for a total cost of $6/ydover the life of the road.


Using pavement preservation after not treating for 11 years costs $4/yd2 and only lasts about four years between treatments due to a deteriorated road base structure.


Not treating for 12 or more years will result in a required mill and fill or full rehabilitation with a cost upwards of $12 to $16/yd^2.

Pavement Condition Index

An Effective Preventive Maintenance Program

1. Right Treatment  Apply treatments that stop deterioration and restore the necessary pavement surface qualities.

2. Right Road – Provide adequate and consistent funding to treat roads before the investment is lost.

3. Right Time – Establish pavement management systems to evaluate pavement condition and provide for the application of preventive maintenance at the proper times.

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Studies on Preventive Maintenance

Many studies support the effectiveness of preventive maintenance. The “Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Project H-101, Experiment SPS-3” and the “National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 223, Cost Effective Preventative Maintenance” both found slurry seal to be an effective treatment.

The NCHRP Synthesis, a survey of sixty state, province, and local transportation agencies, confirms that the most cost-effective pavement management strategy – which results in the highest pavement condition rating – is to perform preventive maintenance activities on the better-rated pavements first and then fund the rehabilitation of the poorer-rated pavements. The funding strategy that addresses the worst pavements first is the least cost effective.

An effective Pavement Preservation Program encompasses a full range of maintenance strategies and techniques. Preventive Maintenance is one of those strategies. It is the timely application of carefully selected surface treatments that maintain or extend a pavement’s service life. The key to success is application of these surface treatments to pavements that are in relatively good condition with no structural damage. Once structural damage has occurred, preventive maintenance treatments are no longer viable and costlier corrective strategies are required, but are well within CPM’s arsenal.

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